How To How to Make an Automated Minecraft Cactus Farm On Skyblock

A step by step guide to turn your Skyblock island into a gold mine.

This tutorial will show you how to make a quick, easy, efficient and fully automated cactus farm in your island. Feel free to watch the video tutorial to guide you as you build, or continue below for the step-by-step written directions.

Cactus Block- Click here to Watch how to make a Minecraft cactus farm

This tutorial is very easy to follow and you can use your imagination to take it to unreal levels, some players have taken cactus farming too far and can generate up to 1000+ cacti per hour, you name it! You decide how large your cactus farm will be so you can reach a certain cacti goal per hour. 🌵

Step 1: Plan your supply

You’ll need:
Carved stone (Quartz, etc.)
Fence gate
Water bucket
Cactus and Chest

Step 2: Make the Border

Place 9×10 blocks (start easy on your first farm then grow the size as you master the building technique)

Step 3: Build Cactus Stands

Place one block, one sand and one cactus on top of each sand. Leave one block space between cactus stands.

Step 4: Build Collection Chests

One the edge of your farm, place as much chests as you can.

Step 5: Water Farmland

Add water to the space between your cacti stands till fully covered.

Step 6: Build the Fence

Start with one farm edge till you cover all edges.

Step 7: Enjoy your Farm!👍

Enjoy Cactus farming in your Skyblock island! Cactus farms are known for making the “Green dye”, which is a cactus green that helps in making cyan wool, lime green wool, and green wool. Cactus can also be a great protection strategy against mobs and other unwanted visitors.

Cacti is also a highly efficient way to obtain large amounts in-game currency.

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