How to play Minecraft Skyblock?🏝️

A step by step guide to ace your new Minecraft Skyblock island adventure ️

Minecraft Skyblock is a popular game of survival where the world is mostly empty, at first; except a small floating island which is generated for you. Using a Starter Kit, and your own imagination; you can expand your island and make it grow to a beautiful one filled with farms and houses🏠🏠

Minecraft Skyblock can be played solo or in multiplayer mode. Competition adds zest and enthusiasm to the playing experience where players try to make the best island, or reach the best economy faster than other players. Players can grow rich in-game using different Skyblock wealth generation tactics including farming and mining.

Starter Kits contain basic materials and differ from server to server, i.e. in our Minecraft Skyblock server called Vertex Skyblock, the Starter Kit includes these items:


  • 1 Bow 🏹

Steps to Start in Minecraft Skybclok

1- Cut down the tree in the island 🌲

2- Build the Generator 🔥

3- Mine Ores and upgrade your Pickaxe ⛏️

4- Purchase things in the shop 🛒

5- Expand your island 🏝️

How to build a Cobblestone Generator For Minecraft Skyblock?

Cobblestone forms where lava and water meet. A cobblestone generator provides an infinite supply of cobblestone! Once you start your SkyBlock world, you will find one bucket of lava and one block of ice inside of a chest.

To make your own simple cobblestone generator, do the following in a four-block line:

  1. Dig down one block and place the ice block on top.

Once you have your cobblestone generator set up, break the ice block. The ice will become water and flow into the two-block deep hole next to it. The third dirt block should now be the only thing separating the water and lava. Breaking the dirt block will cause the water and lava to collide, creating a block of cobblestone. Get ready to start mining!

Minecraft SKYBLOCK Mining

Mining is one of many skills used by Minecraft Skyblock players to level up. There are three main strategies to generate in-game money using mining. First one consists of breaking naturally generated blocks using a pickaxe. Second one consists of using a minion. i.e. an OP Miner minion can do job for you even when you are sleeping. Third one consists of teaming-up with other players and mining together. 💪 ⛏️ ⛏️ ⛏️

Minecraft SKYBLOCK Farming

Cactus and cane sugar are the best crop to farm to level up your farming skill and boost your island economy.

Building a cactus farm can take less than 1 hour and the crop will generate 100s to 1000s per hour depending on the size of your farm and collection efficiency.

Here again an automated farm can help you generate fantastic results even when you are sleeping.


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